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Lilypie First Birthday tickers

Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Overweight Lover's In the House

Well not that overweight I just feel that way. So I'm almost at the end of my pregnancy (thank goodness) don't get me wrong this pregnancy has been a breeze compared to most. I haven't gained that much weight, no cravings, no sickness, no spreading or any problems and I really didn't start showing until last month so I'm grateful. I'm starting to get anxious about seeing her and labor I've even been having crazy dreams lately, which I read is normal. A few nights ago I dreamt I gave birth to a cat and a lil monster lol idk.

With the approaching due date comes the baby shower. My sister is planning the shower and oh what a shower it's going to be. It's going to be a Tea Party with all the trimmings. As my sister said were not having a shower for people to get dem belly full lol. The shower will be held at Akwaaba Mansion in Brooklyn, I'm so excited about having the shower there not only because the place is beautiful but because it's two blocks from where I grew up. BED-STUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We decided to have the shower in BK as a convenience to my friends and family who live there and don't always have transportation to travel to Long Island.

I can't wait to have tea and crompets here

And here are the invites

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Belly Pic!!!!!!!!!!!

I know, I know fianlly right :-)

This was at 27 weeks...just a few days ago so no changes, pardon my tigg ole bitties haha

Wedding Update!!!!

2011 Wedding Date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The FI and I have chosen to push our wedding back to Spring of 2011. Why you may ask, well it all has to do with this lil girl growing inside of me. We decided that we don't want to jump into making wedding payments when we have a little one coming who is going to need everything that we have and more. We are planning to go to the Justice of Peace and get hitched before her arrival like we wanted in the first place.

We were planning to get married in October but realistically that would have been a lot on the two of us. First, baby girl is coming in early May and I plan to be on maternity leave the end of April to the end of August. Second, I would only collect my regular salary until my sick time and vacation time run out. After that I'll get disability, not happy with this set up but whatev's. Third, we don't want to jump into things without knowing what's going to happen with her. So we'll just wait to have the ceremony and partay with family and friends.

On the baby side, she's getting bigger (well not too big, I've been told I'm small for someone who's 28 weeks) and stronger each day. She moves around a lot and hides or keeps still when people try to feel her move. Early this morning (cuz I can't sleep through the night) I felt her hiccuping :-) I can't wait until I can see her.