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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wedding Update!!!!

2011 Wedding Date!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The FI and I have chosen to push our wedding back to Spring of 2011. Why you may ask, well it all has to do with this lil girl growing inside of me. We decided that we don't want to jump into making wedding payments when we have a little one coming who is going to need everything that we have and more. We are planning to go to the Justice of Peace and get hitched before her arrival like we wanted in the first place.

We were planning to get married in October but realistically that would have been a lot on the two of us. First, baby girl is coming in early May and I plan to be on maternity leave the end of April to the end of August. Second, I would only collect my regular salary until my sick time and vacation time run out. After that I'll get disability, not happy with this set up but whatev's. Third, we don't want to jump into things without knowing what's going to happen with her. So we'll just wait to have the ceremony and partay with family and friends.

On the baby side, she's getting bigger (well not too big, I've been told I'm small for someone who's 28 weeks) and stronger each day. She moves around a lot and hides or keeps still when people try to feel her move. Early this morning (cuz I can't sleep through the night) I felt her hiccuping :-) I can't wait until I can see her.

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