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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I's Married Now!!!!!

I almost forgot to post about my sudden nuptials. So the original plan once we found out we were pregnant was to get married before baby. Unfortunately, Sia had other plans for us and came 3 weeks early. We (meaning I) made plans week after week to go to the court house but things always kept coming up. Then one day hubby tells me to get dressed were going to apply for our marriage licence. So we went applied and waited a day then went back with my sister and brother-in law and got hitched July 22, 2010.

Sadly, I don't have any photo's from the day...which I'm glad cuz I was a fat mess :-(

We don't have any rings so were planning on doing a ring ceremony next year for our wedding. We already picked out the bands we want

this is what he wants...he fancy huh

Mine is something like this

Post Pregnancy Body

For anyone trying to get rid of baby weight or just wanting to get fit I suggest Tony Horton's P90x. My sister and I started the program in early September and have lost weight and inches. I'm super excited because I finally fit back into all of my pre-baby clothes and I'm working giving those clothes away soon.

P90x is an EXTREME work out that definitely gives results. In three months your body will be transformed...singing Chris Brown "I Can Transform Ya" (that should be the P90x theme song lol). The meal plan gives a day to day outline of foods that you can eat and even gives recipes :-)

Those of you looking for a good workout give Tony a try and let him X you

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Product Review

During my pregnancy I got a lot of stretch marks which I wasn't to happy about. While on maternity leave I saw all these adds for different stretch mark creams that supposedly get rid of or lighten the appearance of stretch marks. So I figured let me try one out, first up Mederma. I bought it in Duane Reade for $40...did it do the job eeehhh. Let me just first off say that majority of my stretch marks were dark...I mean real dark, so the Mederma lightened my stretch marks. But I still have stretch marks left. The cream smells really nice, like a expensive hand cream and was very light. If considering using this product remember a little goes a long way. Would I recommend this? Yes, if you didn't get a lot of stretch marks and you don't mind paying the $40.

After using Mederma I used some Shea Butter that I had. It kept my skin moisturized and that was about it.

Recently my sister-in law told me about Palmer's Scar Serum. After looking in Rite Aid, Walgreens and CVS I finally found it in Babies R Us. I paid $8.99 for it it's scent less, really thick and concentrated. I've been using it for a week and a half and I notice a little improvement. Would I recommend it? For $8.99 heck yeah. My sister-in law didn't get much stretch marks and there all gone now so I hoping it will give me good results.

Sia's Photo Shot

So this past Sunday hubby & I took Sia to get her first photo's taken. She also got her ears pierced...she wasn't so happy about that. I ordered her tutu from it came fast and even had a little wand to help her look in the direction of the photographer.

I had to bring Snuggle along

All photo's by Picture People

Tips for new & expecting moms

Some tips that just came to mind;

-rest up before baby arrives (the first year of baby's life will bring you many sleepless nights)

-attend breast feeding classes (it's not as easy as you think and I think Lamaze classes are more for the dads not mom's cuz your body is going to tell you what to do)

-stay calm (postpartum is a mutha so try to stay calm and not take the anger of not getting sleep out on your mate)

-if you need help ask (if you have family or close friends near by ask for there help with baby)

-document baby's growth (they grow so fast so take as much pictures and video's as you can)

-healthy eating (that's one of the first steps to getting you back to your pre-baby body and don't forget drink lots of helps get rid of the water weight)

-try to spend time with your mate alone (I know it will be hard but you need it)

-take care of yourself (don't forget to brush your teeth & wash your face...I know it sounds crazy but anyone who is a mother knows that in the beginning you forget to do these simple things)