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Monday, September 20, 2010

Labor Pt 1

Now don't think I'm crazy but I really thought I would have a quick painless labor like my mom. She managed to have three children with no labor pains and deliver each of us in less than 30 minutes. I really thought I would be blessed with this gene...sadly I wasn't.

While in the hospital I didn't know what time it was because there were no clocks at all in my room. The sun let me know when it was morning, other than that I had no clue. And I'm glad I didn't because I would have went crazy if I would have known that I was in labor for 17 hours.

After I was placed in my room and hooked up to all those monitors I was told I was 1 centimeter dilated. WTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "That's it??!!!" was my response the nurse told me "oh yeah, you'll be here for a while." I was not happy to hear this...nor was I happy to hear the SCREAMS coming from the room next door. I asked the nurse if she could do something about that because she was scaring the crap out of me. So there I was layed up 1 centimeter with my aunt looking at the monitor informing me when my contractions were annoying. The contractions started coming every minute and getting stronger so I asked the nurse if I dilated anymore, she checked and I was still at 1 so I asked for an epidural. Silly lady, the nurse must have thought when I asked that.

She offered to give me morphine to help the pain and relax me and told my mom and aunt they should go home and get some rest. Did I mention that through all of this I was updating Facebook & Blackberry messenger status hahaha...but when that pain kicked in I threw that phone to hubby. So the nurse gave me the morphine and before I knew it I was knocked out. Like I said I had no clocks around so I don't know how long I slept or when I woke up (I think she gave me the morphine around 1:00am-1:30 am) but when I did wake up the sun was coming up and those labor pains were killing me.

The nurse came in to check me I was now 4 centimeters and I could get the epidural the only thing was I was awake but the baby wasn't. So I had to wait for her to wake took her about an hour to wake up. The pains were coming on extremely strong now, I thought I was going to pass out. All I kept thinking is can she please hurry up and wake up because if this is what 4 feels like I don't want to know what 8 feels like.

Hubby was there literally by my side while all of this was going on, he lived in the chair next to me during all of it. I caught him sleeping a couple of times and woke him up...shoot he did this to me so I wasn't gonna let him get rest if I couldn't lol. One of my bff's came to the hospital when I woke up from my morphine sleep and stayed a couple of hours. My sister who wanted to be there, and told Sia don't come out until she comes back, had to go to Miami for business. When I called her and told her I was in labor she caught the next flight back to New York.

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