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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Labor Pt 2

I was told at my baby shower from some of the mothers there that I might have labor pain in my lower back or lower abs (like cramps but stronger...well for me at least). I had labor pain in both bueno. Lucky for me my bff was there to give me back massages when my contractions started up.

I'm not a screamer or a crier and I thought I had a high tolerance for pain but I couldn't take that pain much longer. So the nurse (I started with a lil Indian lady and when I woke up she was ending her shift and another nurse was coming on) and a doctor, not mine, came to see how much I dilated. I was still at 4 but Sia had finally woken up so they made arrangements for my epidural.

Before the anesthesiologist came hubby and my bff tried to talk me out of getting the that was happening. They called me a punk, told me I should try to have the baby without it, it's going to slow down my labor, there are side effects blah, blah, blah. I politely let them know (I know it didn't come off polite at all) it was my decision and I was having my epidural.

The anesthesiologist and nurse finally came in and asked them to leave the room, she and the nurse helped me sit up and they both started to talking to me when I felt a lil pinch in my back. Naturally I jumped a lil and was told to sit as still as possible and before I knew it they were helping me lay back down and moving me from side to side. When hubby and bff came back in the room the pain was starting to go away. They looked a lil disappointed but I could care less. I was finally able to go to sleep and that's exactly what I did. I remember the nurse checking on me and telling me I was 6 centimeters, my doctor finally showed up around this time. She asked me how I was feeling and told me that I should have the baby sometime that afternoon.

Bff had to leave so it was just hubby and I...I let him sleep during this time lol. Hubby ate, I had ice chips and we both took naps. The nurse came back to check me and told me I was 8 centimeters and would be delivering soon my sister called to tell us to hold on, as if that was possible, she was driving over to the hospital.

My sister got there shortly after and before you know it they were bringing in the equipment to deliver my baby. The nurse who was with me the whole time had to leave me because another patient was having an emergency C-section and she had to go. So another nurse took over and helped me prepare to push. I just have to mention how funny my doctor was...which was so strange because she was the Ice Princess prior to my pregnancy and during but became the sweet concerned mama during labor. Anyway, she had 4 patients (including me) delivering at the same time, so she comes in and tells me to wait until I feel like I really, really have to push cuz she has to do a quick C-section lol. So I waited until she came back and I was ready to go.

After 15 minutes of pushing Sia finally came out...cone shaped head and all. Her head reminded me of Pinky and The Brain...there was a hush across the room cuz of that head. She didn't cry when she first came out instead she looked around...nosey I tell you. My girl weighted 5 pounds 11 ounces and was 20 inches.

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