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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tips for new & expecting moms

Some tips that just came to mind;

-rest up before baby arrives (the first year of baby's life will bring you many sleepless nights)

-attend breast feeding classes (it's not as easy as you think and I think Lamaze classes are more for the dads not mom's cuz your body is going to tell you what to do)

-stay calm (postpartum is a mutha so try to stay calm and not take the anger of not getting sleep out on your mate)

-if you need help ask (if you have family or close friends near by ask for there help with baby)

-document baby's growth (they grow so fast so take as much pictures and video's as you can)

-healthy eating (that's one of the first steps to getting you back to your pre-baby body and don't forget drink lots of helps get rid of the water weight)

-try to spend time with your mate alone (I know it will be hard but you need it)

-take care of yourself (don't forget to brush your teeth & wash your face...I know it sounds crazy but anyone who is a mother knows that in the beginning you forget to do these simple things)


  1. Excellent tips! As a new mom of a 1 year old boy, I've had my share of all of those trials and tribulations. But its all worth it.