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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Product Review

During my pregnancy I got a lot of stretch marks which I wasn't to happy about. While on maternity leave I saw all these adds for different stretch mark creams that supposedly get rid of or lighten the appearance of stretch marks. So I figured let me try one out, first up Mederma. I bought it in Duane Reade for $40...did it do the job eeehhh. Let me just first off say that majority of my stretch marks were dark...I mean real dark, so the Mederma lightened my stretch marks. But I still have stretch marks left. The cream smells really nice, like a expensive hand cream and was very light. If considering using this product remember a little goes a long way. Would I recommend this? Yes, if you didn't get a lot of stretch marks and you don't mind paying the $40.

After using Mederma I used some Shea Butter that I had. It kept my skin moisturized and that was about it.

Recently my sister-in law told me about Palmer's Scar Serum. After looking in Rite Aid, Walgreens and CVS I finally found it in Babies R Us. I paid $8.99 for it it's scent less, really thick and concentrated. I've been using it for a week and a half and I notice a little improvement. Would I recommend it? For $8.99 heck yeah. My sister-in law didn't get much stretch marks and there all gone now so I hoping it will give me good results.

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  1. More great info! Thanks for sharing your awesome review. I'll look into both products for when I'm in the stretchmark boat.