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Monday, September 14, 2009

Wedding Favors

A few months back I asked my FI what he thought would be good wedding favors. He shrugged his shoulders and said "anything edible". Me knowing him as well as I do I knew he wasn't going to give specifics so I thought of different things.

-Bottles of liqueur; nice but nnaahh
-Bottles of honey; I like but he probably wouldn't
-A candy table at the reception; he didn't like it but I loved the idea his exact words "no I don't want anyone to get cavities or rotten teeth and try to blame it on us" hahaha I thought that was hilarious bc if our candy table could do all of that those teeth were jacked up way before us
-Bottles of hot sauce; cute but we don't really eat hot sauce
-Chocolate truffles; he loved the idea and so did I :-)

I found a few chocolate shops near to my job and bought some truffles for us to sample. The first place we sampled was 5th Avenue Chocolatiere...we sampled other places but I really don't remember them that's how good this place is. So were going to use them for our truffles they have so many yummy flavors; Grand Marnier (his fav), Raspberry, Peanut butter, Champagne,etc. The shop is cute and small, it's located on 3rd Ave and the ppl that I meet were very nice and helpful. They will deliver the chocolates in individual boxes of two with our choice of ribbon color. I'm too excited about this :-)

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  2. Thanks so much I will definately check them out :-)