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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Newborn Stuff

Today was my consultation with Sia's potential pediatrician, she seemed nice and gave us information about vaccinations. She also informed us that since the clinic is affiliated with the hospital they have a policy that they don't turn any sick children away. I like that they do that but as she said she and the other doctor's have to notify parents of this because we might see children come in that are in wheel chairs, with oxygen tanks, etc. As I said I like the idea of no child being turned away, I would hate to have a child with those issues and a doctor's office turn me away because it might upset other parents. There are 6 pediatricians that work in the clinic so if Sia has a emergency and her doctor is not there one of the other doctor's will see her. So far it seems good but we are going to meet with some other doctors but I like that this clinic is affiliated with the hospital that I'm delivering at so one of the 6 doctor's will see her once she's born.

Today was also my third ultra sound. It was basically a check up which went well, I have no pics to post cuz this girl was hiding her face. All she would let the doctor see was the top of her head, legs, fingers and back (they checked her organs). What am I gonna do with this girl? The great news besides her being healthy is that she's in head down position so she is getting ready to make her debut.

After all of this the FI and I went to Babies R Us to buy a few things for Sia. Next Sunday is our baby shower so we didn't want to buy any big things yet. So we bought wipes, newborn long sleeve undershirts, a wipe warmer and newborn pampers. Can we talk about newborn pampers for a minute? How cute are they? And so tiny, I was already nervous about taking care of Sia but seeing those pampers did not help the situation. Don't get me wrong I'm used to being around babies and I have certainly changed pampers but not newborns!!! I just mastered how to swaddle a baby now I have to wrap my head around how small she will be. I'm sure I'll be fine, in the mean time check out this cute lil newborn pamper it fits right in the palm of my hand :-)

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