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Monday, August 31, 2009

8th month mark...almost

Yes, yes yall were almost at the 8th month mark and I'm to excited that this wedding is almost here (actually I just can't wait to be married to my sweetie). I have so much to do, first off I can't wait to hang out with my MOH & BM's and start discussing their dresses and what not. Two of them already told me they can't wait to start doing stuff for the wedding :) they are too sweet. My MOH is my sister Kimmy the DIVA my BM's are my cuzzin's Chenille,Krissy, my adopted lil sis Natini (Tini) and my row dog Monique (Mo Mo). These ladies have my back they already let me know that if someone upsets me they will be opening up cans of whop ass...hahaha

Here's a list of some of the things we need to do for September:
-Create our registry
-Food tasting
-Take e-pics
-Meet with dress maker
-Start looking at invitations
-Start my DIY projects
-Cake tasting
-Send out save the dates to family & friends who live out of state & country
-Start looking into blocks of hotel rooms

I'll be having my ladies help me with as much as possible :)

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