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Friday, August 21, 2009

Centerpieces, Centerpieces

For the past few months I've been thinking about what flowers were going to use as centerpieces. Originally I wanted blue hydrangeas with orchids but lately I've been thinking about the price tag that will carry. So I've been looking into more affordable flowers (they are a must for me, I love flowers) like carnations and roses. I plan to have a few hydrangeas here and there in the centerpieces but not as much as originally planned.

I always associated carnations with funerals and would never think of using them for a wedding but I keep seeing these beautiful pics of bunches of carnations that are stunning. And roses are not my favorite, maybe because they are so common and I try not to follow the crowd. I found this pic and absolutely love how full it is. It's made up of carnations, white roses and babys breath this one is in the lead as of now.


  1. hey hun,
    I love carnatons and think they're a great way to add volume to your centerpieces while still keeping costs down. im actually going to be incorporating them in my ceremony!

    ps: when is your wedding? I'm actually moving back to New York in January and I always offer my blogger brides discounts :)

  2. Hi Ms. J,
    I'm so honored that your following me I love your blog your's and a few others inspired me to start mine. As for you moving back to NY YYYYAAAAAAYYYYYY :) my wedding is May 16th.