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Thursday, August 13, 2009


Initialy I wanted my bridesmaids to wear designer gowns: Jim Helm (my personal fav), Bill Levkoff, Lazaro, Mori Lee I could go on and on. Then it hit me I was caught up, the dresses are beautiful, stylish, classic and costly. I thought about my bridesmaids, two are in college which means money is not something they have in abundance. So one weekend it came to me why not check on-line to see what gowns department stores have. I checked Macys (ok but not floored) then Bloomy's (nice stuff but no wow factor) my last stop was Nordstrom...people we have a winner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I showed my sister (MOH) some of the dresses that I liked and she was excited. Let me give you guys a little background on my sister (Kimmy I gotta keep it real) she was not a big fan of the designer gowns. Don't get me wrong she liked a few here and there but overall she wasn't a big fan, she actually told me the bridesmaids can wear whatever and she'll just get her dress made. Yes my little sister is a DIVA!!!
I emailed the links to myself and forwarded it to the BM, I told them that they don't have to wear the same dresses and to pick whatever they liked. Here are just a few of the choices:

They all ended up loving the same dress, so here are the BM & MOH dresses:

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  1. Love the the one shoulder choice! Not too figure conforming yet feminine & simply gorgeous!! Great choices :)

  2. I am NO diva! haha...ok I lied :)